Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OMG !!!!!!!!! I am so excited . I could not wait to give you all a update,  had pre settlement meeting today everything went well lasted about 2 hours P/M went over every nook and cranny  LOL,  THE HOUSE LOOKS GREAT!!!!!! all shiny and clean,  I love the Kitchen  can't believe I had doubts about the granite countertops they are GORGEOUS.  I can't explain how happy I am right now. :)  did I say THE HOUSE LOOKS GREAT (lol).
Settlement tomorrow at 9:30am  since Ido not think I will be able to sleep in my old home once I have the keys in my hand Hubby and I have decided to move in on tomorrow as soon as we leave settlement.  so pray for us we have a 5 bedroom fully furnished home to move not to mention the 5000 boxes of  clothes and shoes my 16 year old has (LOL). in the middle of a winter storm in Western NY..   movers will be moving all heavy items on Fri.  OK gang gonna say goodnight time to do my share of loading this GIGANTIC uhaul truck in my driveway,  will try and update tomorrow but I know I will be busy  

Oh thought I should enclose a photo of my future former home we have made many memories here we will miss it but  OH WELL  :). 


  1. I'm so excited for you! Hope the move goes well.

  2. Congrats, have fun moving. Moving is such an awful process but this is one that I actually am looking forward too.

  3. Congrats Tasha!!!! I know you cannot wait!!!! Stay Warm!!

  4. Congrats Tasha!!!! Sooo exciting...get ready for an exhausting long haul of moving. We are still unpacking boxes upon boxes....ugh! Can't wait to see updated pictures!!! :)