Saturday, February 19, 2011

16 days later!!!!!!

Hey everyone sorry I have been MIA for a little while but I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!! So it has been 16 days since we moved in and I don't have much to report.We have found several more squeaky hardwood planks which are very aggravating.  loose or weak area of wood under carpet in master bedroom. also I am not sure if it just me but it seems as if the stain on my bannister is lighter on one side of the handrail.  I will be sure address these issues at our 30day inspection. Thank God so far we have not had any serious issues.   
HVAC employee came by on tues to give us a how to on the furnace. he was very nice and informative but i feel he was more interested in selling us a AC unit. :)

Anyone building a Florence I must say Thriftyamy was right on point with the temperature in the pantry. our pantry has been very cool considering the temp in the rest of the house and I guess in the summer it will be very hot :(  this is one area Ryan needs to address. 

well guys hubby is working today so I am going out to look for furniture,paint  etc  I have been having such a hard time deciding on things for the house it is so bad it took me at least 20 minutes to pick out dish towels could not decide on printed or solid.  I need help        


  1. Don't forget to leave the pantry door open to help with the temperature - small annoyance, I know. Take your time with picking out everything so you have no regrets. Just keep reminding yourself of this - trust me, I know how you feel.

  2. It's so nice that they do a 30 day inspection! Hopefully they'll be able to fix those floors for you. I'm shocked that your house doesn't come standard with air conditioning! Maybe it's different in every state.
    I am sooooo with you the decision making. I just want the house to be perfect and that causes me to over analyze every choice I make!

  3. Our banister looks the same way....we brought it up at the 30 day and our PM said they could restain it if we wanted but to remember that the wood is Oak so it will stain differently. Our biggest thing was that it is way lighter than our cherry wood floors but I guess it's just something we will live with. Eventually (like years and years down the road) we will probably upgrade all the banisters anyway. Still frustrating though. Good luck making decisions regarding paint and furniture. One of the hardest things since there are soooo many choices! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  4. Hi, love your kitchen! What color are your hardwood floors? I was having trouble trying to match something to those cabinets in the store but yours look great! Please let me know when you get a chance ...I love it!