Sunday, December 26, 2010



                                                           ENTRANCE TO PANTRY
          MORNING ROOM....... I have mixed feelings about not getting windows on the rear wall :( 
                                                MORNING ROOM /SLIDING DOORS

                                             VIEW INTO FAMILY ROOM/FIREPLACE


                                                           STAIRS TO UPSTAIRS

                                                          UPSTAIRS HALLVIEW

                                                  MASTER BEDROOM

                                                          4th BEDROOM/LOFT


                                          UNFINISHED BASEMENT/EGRESS WINDOW


Merry Christmas everyone I had a beautiful day with the family. Pray all of you had a beautiful day as well.  now that everything and everyone has quieted down I decided to  post this update. Well, all the drywall is hung and most of the siding is completed.  I recieved a letter from NVR  giving us a tentative closing date for 1/28/2011, :).   Hubby spoke with attorney and he suggested trying to get NVR to set closing date for 2/1/2011 which will some how allow us to be able to make first payment in april 2011 that would be awesome. This experience has gone extremely smooth so far, almost scary considering all of the bad things I heard and read before choosing Ryan I pray this continues :).  enclosed are some updated photos   Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow! Everything looks great. I love the color of your siding! I can totally understand your feelings about the morning room windows. I REALLY wanted them, but in the end we had to cut a few of your upgrades. It does provide more privacy and room for furniture, but I do love the look of them. I'm sure you'll love it when it's finished. And that's so exciting about the closing coming so soon. Thanks for the tip about holding off until the beginning of the month for closing!

  2. We didn't do the extra windows in the morning room and now I'm actually glad. With the windows it feels more like a sunroom and you have less wall space to be creative and personalize it. I put a large decorative mirror on that wall that reflects the light from the other windows and I really like it. We have a Venice and a smaller morning room...I really wish we had the large morning room! Here is a link to my facebook album with pics of my house if you're interested.

  3. Tasha!!! That was sooooooo fast!!! What day did you break ground...

  4. Moving quickly!!! It looks great. We are still shocked about how the entire process from beginning to end has been with Ryan. We are now 4 days into living in our Zachary and are loving it. :)

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments I am really excited and grateful for this experience. @ km I did not think about the privacy issue that makes total sense since there is a wooded area on the sliding door side. thanx

    @natalie I went to your site your home is lovely I hope I can do as well as you with decorating I have a lot of ideas. :)

    @india & corey yeah things are moving pretty fast we broke ground on Nov 10th

    @ mindy and adrian I pray everything continues to go this smooth your new home is beautiful

  6. Natalie, what did you do with the square window in the one bedroom? I'm thinkikng about window dressings now and am not sure what to do with that one. Thanks :)

  7. km I don't have the square window because I have elevation c so I have 3 regular size windows in that large bedroom. I have a lot of neighbors with elevation b though so if I see any good ideas I'll take a picture and let you know!

  8. Natalie, I forgot you had a different elevation - and I just looked at your pictures again, you'd think I would have realized! If you see any good ideas, let me know!

  9. I am happy to hear that you have had such a positive experience so far... my fiance and I are about to make a HUGE decision between two builders and have been very worried about Ryan's reviews that we have seen online...

    :) But your post appears to be promising and we wish you the best of luck.