Saturday, March 26, 2011


We got our tv mounted over the fireplace also I took a couple of shots to give you and idea of how it would look if you had the wiring ran to the lower left side of the fireplace. the picture  show  the three outlets, the little media center  and a subwoofer for the in ceiling surround sound .  Ignore the blue painters tape LOL!!!

I hope this will help you get a idea of what it will look like

@india and corey

Here is the view from standing in the kitchen.

APRIL 1st is almost here

@Thriftyamy  April 1st is around the corner I can't wait :).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

updates and pics

Hello everyone, I pray all is well there has not ben much going on with the house still a couple of squeaky areas in the hardwood. P/M brought someone over to address this but soon after they left I noticed the squeaking again, :(  have been playing phone tag with the company due to my work schedule. hopefully we can get this settled this week since I will be home from work until Monday  YEAH!!!!!.Bannister was restained and dents in cabinets fixed on tuesday all turned out good. I have not decided on a formal dining room set yet, been looking but nothing has caught my eye yet.  So I decided before we moved into the new house I was going to step out of my boring decorating box, which consisted of all neutral beige type wall colors etc. Well let me tell you I have jumped out of the box and took off running LOL!!!!  with my paint color choices. I have chosen several darker than normal colors and I LOVE them (who would have thought). I could have went with a shade lighter in the family room but overall I still like the color. No tables,lamps or accessories in the family room yet,  besides the aqua pillows I ordered online from overstock. Could not get a good shot of the laundry room but I hope you can get and idea of the color it is called wilmington tan I love it. The color in the family room is elephant grey (sounds stinky)LOL...and the morning room/hang out room color  is called Artisan I am not sure who but I saw this color on someone else's blog in their morning room  and loved it Thanks ? :) I have been considering using this color in the powder room also.

Well enclosed are photos of my progress so far, I would love any suggestions I am having a really hard time choosing wall art.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Day Inspection and Updates

Hello Everyone,  It has been a while since I blogged but things have been pretty quiet in our home until yesterday's 30 Day Inspection WoW!!!!!!! P/M arrived promptly at his scheduled time at 8am along with several others. I looked out the window at approx 7:45 and there were at least five vans outside with workers awaiting the time to enter :). at 8am P/M rang door bell and introduced his entourage PLUMBER,DRYWALL WORKER, HVAC PERSON,HARDWOOD PERSON,PAINTER and  others I was really impressed the crew went over and fixed everything on our  list and then some.  there are still some unresolved issues Cabinetry person was a no-show and he is suppose to be getting in contact with us ASAP to set up a appt  to check  several indent's (lack of a better discription) we have in our cabinet doors not sure if these are normal but I do not like it. the indents are not visible from a distance. Also  heating in 4th bedroom/Loft it seems to be cold in this room all the time, HVAC person made some adjustments, I was suppose to monitor it overnight but I forgot , I was too busy with my daughter and her college room mate who are home for spring break.  So overall I think Ryan did a really good job in addressing  all of our concerns .

Other than my bedroom we have' nt  done much in the house, painted bedroom. at first I  did not like the color (thought it was too dark) but it is starting to ware on me. I guess with spring around the corner I will just brighten it up with new bright bedding. On another note I love my new bedroom set the king size bed is awesome.

I am having a hard time deciding on paint colors for the rest of the house but with Family room furniture coming next week I will have to settle on a color soon would love to have the room painted before delivery.

OK guys that's all I got.  I have been following all the blogs it is sood good to see all the new bloggers and  I get so excited When I see all the Settlement and pre settlements  CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!EVERYONE  we all deserve it.
well off to eat breakfast with my house guest  they are so much fun. will miss my daughter she will be flying back to Atlanta today vacation has to end early she has to go back to work I am so proud of her she is in her  JR  year and doing a Excellent job,   while holding a full time job

OK, enough of that I always get a little  teary eyed when I think of how Blessed my husband and I are with our beautiful three girls, all are such lovely and smart young women.

I enclosed some photos of my master bedroom still need some accessories/photos but I am taking it slow in this area I want to get the right pieces do not want things to get cluttered.  looking forward to all the new pics I really need some decorating ideas :)