Saturday, February 19, 2011

16 days later!!!!!!

Hey everyone sorry I have been MIA for a little while but I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!! So it has been 16 days since we moved in and I don't have much to report.We have found several more squeaky hardwood planks which are very aggravating.  loose or weak area of wood under carpet in master bedroom. also I am not sure if it just me but it seems as if the stain on my bannister is lighter on one side of the handrail.  I will be sure address these issues at our 30day inspection. Thank God so far we have not had any serious issues.   
HVAC employee came by on tues to give us a how to on the furnace. he was very nice and informative but i feel he was more interested in selling us a AC unit. :)

Anyone building a Florence I must say Thriftyamy was right on point with the temperature in the pantry. our pantry has been very cool considering the temp in the rest of the house and I guess in the summer it will be very hot :(  this is one area Ryan needs to address. 

well guys hubby is working today so I am going out to look for furniture,paint  etc  I have been having such a hard time deciding on things for the house it is so bad it took me at least 20 minutes to pick out dish towels could not decide on printed or solid.  I need help        

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Back

Hey gang I am so glad to be back. we are all moved in everything is going well closing was a breeze it lasted about 1/2 hour tops  :).  OK where do I start we have been in the house for 10 days now and I could not be happier. besides from unpacking the million boxes I LOVE MY NEW HOME.  P/M left us with a  big binder full of product warranties, how to forms, also forms to write down any issues we need to address during our 30  day review so far I have listed a couple of loose hardwood planks,a chip in hardwood, discolored and scratched area on island cabinet,  areas where drywall is not smooth along staircase.and what I think is the most serious is the water connection for the refrigerator leaking when it is turned on so water line cannot be hooked up to fridge until it is fixed. Hubby has been busy hanging window blinds and ceiling fans.   bedroom set will be delivered  on march 1st can't wait :) but because I love my new home I do not mind sleeping with my mattress on the floor.
So since we decided to make the morning room a sitting area to hang out and watch TV in, it has been the first room I have been trying to get organized.  I have not  decided on any paint colors yet. decorating is so much fun but since I am not rolling in the dough like I want to It will be one room at a time.  will post pics as we go.
Well looking forward to reading all the blogs I have missed these past ten days .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OMG !!!!!!!!! I am so excited . I could not wait to give you all a update,  had pre settlement meeting today everything went well lasted about 2 hours P/M went over every nook and cranny  LOL,  THE HOUSE LOOKS GREAT!!!!!! all shiny and clean,  I love the Kitchen  can't believe I had doubts about the granite countertops they are GORGEOUS.  I can't explain how happy I am right now. :)  did I say THE HOUSE LOOKS GREAT (lol).
Settlement tomorrow at 9:30am  since Ido not think I will be able to sleep in my old home once I have the keys in my hand Hubby and I have decided to move in on tomorrow as soon as we leave settlement.  so pray for us we have a 5 bedroom fully furnished home to move not to mention the 5000 boxes of  clothes and shoes my 16 year old has (LOL). in the middle of a winter storm in Western NY..   movers will be moving all heavy items on Fri.  OK gang gonna say goodnight time to do my share of loading this GIGANTIC uhaul truck in my driveway,  will try and update tomorrow but I know I will be busy  

Oh thought I should enclose a photo of my future former home we have made many memories here we will miss it but  OH WELL  :).