Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm so excited


 MASTER BATHROOM   MY PERSONAL PROJECT CAN'T WAIT TO GET  STARTED                                                   

                                                                       4TH BEDROOM

                                          2ND BATHROOM  HATE THE OAK SINK :(   

                                                     POWDER ROOM



                                                     LOVE THE KITCHEN
Hi, everyone I am so excited we got our Pre-Settlement Demonstration Date (2/2/2011) and Settlement date 2/3/2011   YEAH!!!!!!!!  here are a few new pics. 


  1. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! The kitchen is so sharp. Did you choose the white vanity in your master bath and the oak in the other batroom? We weren't given any options, we were just told they would be the same as our kitchen cabinets. Just wondering.
    I love your stain color on the banisters and railings! Thanks to you and your picture of the unstained rails last week, I was able to change my stain color. Thank you so much!
    You're closing is in a little over 2 weeks. How cool! So excited for you!

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  3. Everything looks fantastic. Are your cabinets the Cherry Bordeaux? We also discovered last night while going over some other things with our sales rep that we had a choice on stain color for our banisters and railings. I love the dark stain you picked. We are doing the same thing with ours...assuming we don't change to a different floor color.

  4. TASHA!!!! It looks great girl!!!

  5. @KM heyyy!!! Thanx I love the kitchen, yes I did choose the white vanity in the masterbath it was a optional upgrade and the oak in the 2nd bath came standard. I am so happy to hear you were able to change the stain color of your bannister, I just read on your blog about your pre and settlement dates YEAH!!!for you this is such a exciting time can't wait to see pics of the final project.

  6. @BD heyy!!!!!can you all tell I am happy :):):).
    yes the cabinets are cherry Bordeaux and they are beautiful in person good choice if you chose them. glad i could help with the stain color of the banisters that's what we are here for :). good luck I am sure what ever stain you go with it will be nice.

  7. Love to see the progress on your Florence! We are also building one...check out our blog at (I just started!)