Thursday, January 6, 2011

Few Updates


             PEEK AT UNSTAINED BANISTERS                                              
                                                        UNGROUTED POWDER ROOM FLOOR

                                                UNGROUTED FOYER

                                               PEEK AT CABINETS   LOVE THEM         

                                                        APLLIANCES ETC.

                                                    LAUNDRY ROOM FLOOR

                                                           MORNING ROOM /KITCHEN VIEW

                                                   SECOND BATHROOM FLOOR/ VINYL


                                                    MASTER BATH


                                     BRICK FOR FRONT  2nd wish i would have went with my 1st  :(

                                                    Me and P/M  looking at plans

Happy New Year everyone, may you all have a blessed one.   All is going well and moving pretty fast with our new home. spoke with P/M a couple off days ago said everything is going according to plan but thinks our final settlement meeting should be the first week of Feb not on Jan 28th like previously quoted which works out good for us due to being told by our attorney that it would be better for us to close the first of the month instead of the end. :). well I have continued my site stalking :) really happy with the way things are going workers have all been very nice.   following are some of our latest pics 


  1. We have the same cabinets and I LOVE the look of them!! Things are moving along! Love seeing all the updates.

  2. Tasha, everything looks great! You're just a few weeks away. Our cabinets are dark like yours, too. I love them! Also, I was glad to see that the banisters came usntained. I'm going to ask tomorrow if we can change our stain may be too late but it won't hurt to ask.
    You're only a few weeks away. I'm so excited for you!

  3. Sorry I was a bit redundant in my comment :)

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