Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello Everyone,  Hubby and I went by the house today. really happy too see several vehicles parked out front considering the weather here. decided to go in and was so glad we did the plumbers and electrical workers were hard at work :).  everyone was really nice to us made us feel that they were working for us and it would not be of any bother to them if we walked around.  As I was looking in the master bedroom closet area one worker approached me with a object in his hand and began to explain to me that the attic access crawl space was in the wrong area of the closet and it would be fixed tomorrow and that is the reason why the electrical box in his hand was not up. funny thing I did not even notice that the crawl space entrance was in the wrong space or the fact the electrical box was not in it's place. (LOL) I guess I can sum this up as another thumbs up for Ryan and there workers so far they have been very attentive to my husband and I during this process. The plumbers said that they would be finishing up today and the inspector would be in at 3pm today. don't know how much longer the electricians are going to take but it appears as if  they have got a lot done also all of the heating ducts and furnance appears to be completed. hopefuly we will be having our pre drywall meeting soon  . no siding yet don't know if this is do to the weather but looking at other blogs it seems as if the outside(siding included )was completed before the inside work was started . oh well no complaints I am very happy with the progress this far. also surprised to see a 2nd window in the 4th (loft) bedroom  I do not remember anyone telling me this came with the bedroom. well everything is moving along. we close on our current home this friday YEAH!!!!.  new owners agreed to lease back to us for up to 90 days. P/M  said we should be able to move in early feb or late Jan.     Can't wait to close on the new home.


  1. We have finally jumped into the fray. Follow us as we document our experience here:

  2. They are going to break ground tomorrow on our home. Thank you for blogging your experience. It makes us so excited on what to expect.