Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre Drywall Meeing

Hello everyone, Had our pre drywall meeting yesterday. Meeting took just under  2 hours. Jim our  P/M took us through each room and explained all electrical ,heating and plumbing.  Hubby and I was really happy to see bathtub in master bathroom considering we did not get the  soaking tub that came with the upgraded bathroom but requested a bigger and longer tub which caused us to lose  about 2 ft of space in our bedroom to accomodate the bigger tub  which was all done without any extra charge. :)   bathtub turned out to be really nice hubby got in and was able to really stretch out with room left to wiggle :).  the counter area we gained from the new design of the morning room which made the room bigger and removed the window in the kitchen makes the area look so much bigger I really love it.  we also got several other upgrades /changes from the model that we were not aware of like recess lights over each shower area and a bigger mud room. workers were there preparing to install insulation once our meting was over, also garage door was being hung. everything seems to be moving as planned house still is not sided P/M says siding should be delivered today or monday. We had the final walk thru of our present home yesterday and closed on it today at three. I am so ready to move oh yeah we also locked in our rate today. P/M says everything should be ready in late jan or 1st week in feb, I can't wait.  well I hope to post some pic soon take care 

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  1. Sounds like everyting is moving along well. We aso benefitted from some changes to our model, but the morning room is by far my favorite. Looking forward to your pictures!