Saturday, March 26, 2011


We got our tv mounted over the fireplace also I took a couple of shots to give you and idea of how it would look if you had the wiring ran to the lower left side of the fireplace. the picture  show  the three outlets, the little media center  and a subwoofer for the in ceiling surround sound .  Ignore the blue painters tape LOL!!!

I hope this will help you get a idea of what it will look like


  1. 2 questions...1 comment: What brand and model subwoofer did you get? What is that silver thing on the floor to the right of the TV stand?

    Seeing the two remotes on top of the TV stand and two more sitting in the TV stand makes me offer up this suggestion...get a Logitech Harmony remote...I swear by them and my wife is in love with watch TV you press a button called Watch turns on the TV, turns on the cable box, and turns on the surround sound receiver, and sets all inputs and outputs on all devices correctly...if one of the devices gets out of sync (off when it should be on) you just press help and it walks you thru a series of yes/no questions until the problem is fixed.

  2. And the most important thing: All those other remotes can be put away in some box in a closet...never to be seen again!!!

  3. The brand of the subwoofer is Sherwood do not know the model off hand the siver thing on the floor is a gas shut off knob for the fireplace.
    BD the remotes are there just because hubby or I are to lazy to remove them. LOL we have one remote from TWC that controls all the devices including the reciever

  4. @tasha: Thanks for the info on the silver thing...I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was.

  5. This looks great, thank you so much for posting this!! We have our preconstruction meeting next week so we will have to decide by then!!